Need a Fundraiser for your club?

Organize your membership to sell ads for the Chesapeake District Convention Program Booklet. This project will help the district and your club financially! To be truly successful with Ad Sales, it is recommended that clubs pick an Ad Chairman to represent their club in this initiative.

This is how the Ad Sales works….

  1. The first $200 of you total sales goes to the District.
  2. The remaining money is split 50/50 between the District and the Club.


Your clubs sells $1,200 in Ads.

  1.    First $200 to District
  2.    $500 to your Club and $500 to the District.

For more information contact Barbara Jenkins.

Convention Ad Sales: Barbara Jenkins 20735 Ridge Road, Colonial Beach, VA 22443

Download the Ad Sale Page here!

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This Year's Goals

Raise over $15,000 in total ad sales
Have all clubs in the District participate
Have all clubs purchase an ad in the District Program for their club

The 2017 Chesapeake District Convention will be here before we know it.  It’s time to get started with our District Ad Sales.  

We will continue with the “Memorial-Honoree Ads” section again this year.  It is a great way to remember or honor your loved ones, friends, groups, clubs, or veterans.  This gives our members a chance to add their own special Ad in our Convention Ad Program.  Presidents, please tell your club members about this opportunity.

Personal or Business/Company checks for purchasing Ads are to be written to YOUR Ruritan Club.  Checks need to come from YOUR Ruritan Club’s Account.  The Chesapeake District Treasurer will only accept Ad Sales checks from YOUR Ruritan Club’s Account made payable to Chesapeake District Ruritans.

Please do not send COPIES OF COPIES from previous ads.  All Ads must be NEW from the company, typed, or emailed to me from the company. They need to be camera ready in the selected ad size. Faded copies will not scan and look presentable.  We want the Ad Sales in our Program Books to look top quality for our Ad purchasers and the public to see.

Your club’s Zone Governor and/or Lt. Zone Governor will deliver the Ad Sales packets to the Club President.  It is the Club President’s responsibility to present this information to their club as the packets are directed to your attention.  Your Club should select an Ad Sales Chair to be responsible for collecting and mailing the ads to me.  The Club President is responsible for making sure the Ad Sales Chair understands the above requirements. 

Our goals for the ad sales campaign for 2017 are: 1) to exceed last year’s total sales; 2) to have ALL CLUBS in the District participate in the ad sales campaign; and 3) to encourage every club to purchase an ad in the District Convention Program.

The costs of the ads are ¼ page $30.00, ½ page $50.00, and full page $100.00.

Please make additional copies of the enclosed ad sale page showing the costs of the three different sizes.

Refunds to Clubs are as follows: the first $200 in ad sales will go to the District; sales exceeding that first $200, clubs will receive fifty percent (50%) of the remaining total.  This can be an excellent fundraiser for your club. 

We have established a due date of Saturday, September 16, 2017, to have the ads mailed or delivered to me, as they have to be set and prepared by the middle of October, to meet the printer’s deadline.  We appreciate your assistance with the 2017District Ad Sales Campaign.  Thank you for your diligent work in this project.

Please include a list showing Club Name, Contact Name/phone, ad name, size, and amount so I will have a check list.  Please mail Ads with a check payment (from Your Ruritan Club’s Account) made payable to Chesapeake District Ruritans to:  Barbara Jenkins (20735 Ridge Road, Colonial Beach, VA 22443)